Code, Chaos, and a Dash of ADHD: My Journey to Hacking on TV

In the context of narcissistic abuse, victims may adopt some of the manipulative, controlling, or harmful tactics they endured, often as a coping mechanism or a defense mechanism. It’s important to note that this behavior is not a reflection of the victim’s inherent character but rather a learned response to the abusive dynamics they experienced.This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series A*DHD Unmasked

Picture this: a live television broadcast, Lebanese viewers nationwide on the edge of their seats, and a 23-year-old ADHDer infiltrating payment systems.

A daring showcase of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, a mesmerizing dance between code and chaos. That was me around 8 years ago—a young tech blogger and developer pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Yet, hidden beneath the enigmatic hacker persona is an unanticipated reality. The mastermind behind these audacious is a younger self with undiagnosed ADHD. In this article, I invite you to embark on a journey into the very first chapter of my story. An ADHDer who has turned challenges into a source of strength.

Computer Love at First Sight: A Prelude to Passion

From as far back as pre-school, I always felt different, like an alien in a world of peers . They seemed to effortlessly fit in. The sensation of being wired differently was palpable even at that young age. While others reveled in activities that didn’t quite resonate with me, I found solace in the world of computers and gaming.

My journey began when I was around 5 years old, and my father bought our first computer. We used to compete for hours playing games like Supaplex. Fast forward to when I turned 15; that’s when my fascination with websites took hold.

Decoding Life: How Coding Became My Currency

For a person like me, coding just made perfect sense. While I struggle with understanding social cues and social intelligence like a lot of people with ADHD. Coding gives my wandering mind a purpose.

As a result, my passion for coding became later a currency that helped me go ahead in life. Every line of code written felt like solving a puzzle, an intricate dance of logic that resonated with the way my mind worked. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of coding projects aligned with the need for variety and stimulation that individuals with ADHD often seek.

As my passion for technology grew, my disinterest in traditional education deepened. Easily distracted, I found myself failing in the traditional classroom, feeling that it stifled my creativity and potential. The structure was too rigid, and my mind was too agile to be confined within its boundaries.

Hacking on TV

Life has its challenges, and at 23, a challenging period emerged, a tale I’ll unfold in future chapters. Around that time, the job market was unforgiving, with long hours, invasive surveillance, and unreasonably low salaries. It was a situation that simply wasn’t sustainable for someone with ADHD.

That’s when I turned to UltGate once again, a blog I started at 19, using it as a vehicle to write a post that exposed payment bugs in over 55 Lebanese websites, including banks. UltGate, going viral on more than one occasion, amplified my voice once again, and ended up getting me a few media opportunities.

I ended up selecting “Tony Khalife” for the interview. It wasn’t merely a strategic move; it carried a personal connection. His infamous interview with my favorite Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe, inspired me, playing a pivotal role in her career. Recognizing the potential for a similar impact, I believed he could effectively amplify my message. As a result, the producers kept going back and forth until I was portrayed as a hacker who stole from banks—a label I reluctantly embraced for the sake of exposure.

ADHD at Its Best

Behind this unconventional hacker persona was a determined individual with ADHD, navigating a world that often failed to understand the complexities of a unique mind. At that time, I didn’t understand that my out-of-box thinking, little awareness of danger, and risk-taking were symptoms of adhd.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has its hardships. But I consider it is a superpower that allowed me to find a way or make one. But, I have to admit that an early diagnosis of ADHD would have helped me a lot more. As the hardest thing about it, was not being aware of it.

Blogging and coding are among my favourite hobbies. In the upcoming chapters, I’ll take you through the twists and turns of my journey, exploring how ADHD affected romance among other areas.

Join me as we delve deeper into my unique journey as an ADHDer. The next chapters will unfold more answers about the backstories I’ve never told before. Stay tuned for the revelations that await.

Now, take a tangible step into my world by watching my interview about white hacking on Lebanese national television.

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