Series: A*DHD Unmasked

At the age of 32, I discovered I have ADHD, having navigated through life undiagnosed for 32 years. It felt like trying to solve a puzzle without the picture. I couldn’t fathom how everyone else seemed fine doing things I struggled with.

In this series, I share stories from my past, all somehow connected or influenced by ADHD. Through these narratives, I aim to provide insights for those grappling with ADHD, offering understanding and connection to fellow ADHDers

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    Code, Chaos, and a Dash of ADHD: My Journey to Hacking on TV

    Embark on my extraordinary journey through “Code, Chaos, and a Dash of ADHD.” Picture a young tech blogger turned white-hat hacker pushing the boundaries of possibility. Yet, behind the hacker persona lies a software engineer with ADHD – that’s me. Explore the first chapter of my unique story, from a childhood alienated by differences to a fascination with computers and gaming.

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    ADHD Masking Is Hell

    Personal struggles of a neurodivergent and homosexual individual who was compelled to mask his identity and neurodivergent traits due to societal pressures and direct threats. Forced into hiding his homosexuality, he experienced significant emotional trauma, leading to seeing death. The narrative emphasizes the brutally discriminatory world, especially for neurodivergents, discussing the destructive impact of masking. Despite this, finding authenticity became a key tool for survival and growth, turning perceived neurodivergent weaknesses into unique strengths.