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  • Series.

    Code, Chaos, and a Dash of ADHD: My Journey to Hacking on TV

    Embark on my extraordinary journey through “Code, Chaos, and a Dash of ADHD.” Picture a young tech blogger turned white-hat hacker pushing the boundaries of possibility. Yet, behind the hacker persona lies a software engineer with ADHD – that’s me. Explore the first chapter of my unique story, from a childhood alienated by differences to a fascination with computers and gaming.

  • ADHD is A Super Power

    At the age of 31, I self-diagnosed with ADHD. Little did I know that this revelation would transform my life, allowing me to tap into unique strengths that I now consider superpowers. In this article, join me on a journey where we explore the incredible benefits of ADHD, from hyperfocus to creativity, and how embracing these strengths can redefine your own perspective on this neurodevelopmental condition.